Serious (photo by The State Newspaper)

G&B Cover (Garnet & Black publication)

G&B Interview Photo (Garnet & Black publication)

Playing Guitar (photo by The State Newspaper)

At Desk (photo by Mark Morrow)

Jovial with a Smile (Garnet & Black publication)

Professor Dickey (photo by USC)

With many Books & his Guitar (photo by The State Newspaper)

G&B photo (Garnet & Black publication)

Guffaw (photo by Christopher Dickey)

Holding Baby Bronwen (photo by Leonard Copeland)

Picking a Chord (photo by Dr. Joyce Pair)

The Look (photo by Terry Parke)

Sheriff Bullard (photo by The State Newspaper)

Deliverance (photo by Christopher Dickey)

Interview (photo by The State Newspaper)

In Bookstore (photo by The State Newspaper)

Calm (photo by Rollie McKenna)

FILE--James Dickey, shown in this 1990 file photo, poet and author whose works included the novels "Deliverance" and "To the White Sea,"  died Sunday night, Jan. 19, 1997. He was 73. Dickey, who had been hospitalized since Wednesday, had died of complications from lung disease, said Pat Browder, nursing supervisor at Providence Hospital. (AP Photo/File)

Smiling (photo by the Associated Press)

From the Shadows (publicity photo)

In Conversation (photo by Janet Lee Burnet)

The Gleam (photo by R.L. Bryan Co.)

Epiphany (photo by USC)

Classroom Seminar (photo by USC)

Dickey Q&A (photo by USC)

The Haggard Heroes (photo by Mitchell West)

Look of Life (photo by the Associated Press)

Signing Books (photo by USC)

Jim & Robert Lowell 1974 (photo by Janet Lee Burnet)

William Styron & Jim 1974 (phto from The Gamecock)

Dickey in Camo 1993 (photo by David Havird)

Jim & David Havird in late 70s (photo by Ashley Mace Havird)

Jim with Holly Rice & Andra Roy 1991 (photo by David Havird)

Jim & Maxine's Graves at Pawleys Island (photo by David Havird)

Jim & Maxine's Graves (photo by David Havird)

New York Review Caricature (drawing by David Levine)