Autographs and Signatures

Pen Drawing (by Eric Stamey)

Dickey Letter (to Eric Stamey)

Autograph (notecard)

Warner Bros. Check (endorsed)

Title Page Autograph (The Eye-Beaters)

Drowning with Others (title page)

Alnilam (title page)

Name Plate (from The Zodiac)

Robinson Jeffers (First Day Issue)

Experience the Arts (card)

Cat Signature (name plate)

Deliverance Excerpt (also signed by actors)

"The Twin Falls" (signed poem)

Poets of Today VII (title page)

John Steinbeck Stamp (First Day Issue)

Miscellaneous Items

Dickey Memorial Card (signed by Pat Conroy)

Memorial Card (inside contents)

"Dickey at 70" (program cover)

James Dickey at 70_ A Tribute.pdf

James Dickey at 70: A Tribute (complete program)

Book Signing Flyer (To the White Sea)

Sermon (flyer)

Sermon (program cover)

The Call of the Wild (screenplay by Dickey)

Writer's Workshop Video (starring Dickey) Click here to watch

James Dickey - One the Eve of the Millennium (by Hank Malone)

The Wreck of the Deutschland (introduction by Dickey)

World War II Writers (signed symposium poster)

How to Enjoy Poetry (International Ad)

"Buckdancer's Choice" (signed limited edition poster)

The Seamless Web (introduction by Dickey)

Dickey at 70 (tape recordings)

Carter Inaugural Album (record)

Inaugural Invitation (from record)

"Shark at the Window" (signed limited edition poster)

Lord, Let Me Die But Not Die Out (film reel)

Mutiny (Vol. 4, No. 1)

Ghosts (introduction by Dickey)

The New Book of Forms (textbook used in Dickey's class)

"The Eagle's Mile" (limited edition poster)

"Summons" (signed & numbered poster)

"The Starry Place Between the Antlers: Dickey Weekend" (poster signed by Ronny Cox)

The Red Badge of Courage (introduction by Dickey)

From the Green Horseshoe (introduction by Dickey)

The Eye-Beaters Promo (1970 advert)

Websites from Reading, Learning, Teaching James Dickey (by William Thesing)

Articles and Clippings

"He Caught the Dream" (by Bronwen Dickey)


"The Truth as a Lie" (by Bronwen Dickey)


Comments on "The Sheep Child" and "The Bee" (by Kevin Dickey)


"The Sharks in the Parlor" (by Christopher Dickey)


"Advancing the Works" (by Casey Clabough)


"Firebombs: From My Father's Wars to Mine" (by Christopher Dickey)

Absolut Dickey (Absolut Vodka ad)

"A Story of War & Madness" (Oxford America)

Life Mask that Blinded Dickey (Esquire photo by Terry Parke 2/76)

The Gamecock (09/20/1993)

Encore (09/16/1993)

HAVIRD In and Out of Class with James Dickey.pdf

"In and Out of Class with James Dickey" by David Havird

HAVIRD A Clamorous Amassment.pdf

"A 'Clamorous Amassment' Beyond Speech Golden: The Complete Poems of James Dickey" by David Havird


"The Poet as Survivor" by Michele Cohen Marill

An American myth _ James Dickeys The Zodiac.pdf

"An American Myth: James Dickey's 'The Zodiac'" by Gordon Van Ness, III

The Poetics of James Dickey_ _i_The Early Motion__i_.pdf

"The Poetics of James Dickey: The Early Motion" by Douglas Keesey


"James Dickey's Deliverance: A view through the 'Transparent Templates' of the personality theories of George Kelly and Alfred Adler" by Cintra Whitehead

Mstreet 1 - essay - INTRODUCTORY REMARKS TO A READING etc - .pdf

"Introductory Remarks to a Reading" by James Dickey