Christopher Dickey

August 31, 1951 - July 16, 2020

Innocent Blood (First Edition)

Innocent Blood (Paperback)

Innocent Blood (Uncorrected Proof)

Un Sang Innocent (French edition)

Sangue Innocente (Italian Edition)

Innocent Blood (New Edition)

The Sleeper (First Edition)

The Sleeper (Paperback)

Expats (First Edition)

Expats (Paperback)

Expats (British Edition)

Our Man in Charleston (First Edition)

Securing the City (First Edition)

Securing the City (Paperback)

Summer of Deliverance (First Edition)

Summer of Deliverance (Paperback)

Summer of Deliverance (Uncorrected Proof)

Summer of Deliverance (Books on Tape)

Summer of Deliverance (New Books on Tape)

With the Contras (First Edition)

With the Contras (Paperback)

Christopher Dickey (author photo)

Christopher Dickey (self portrait)

Notecard from Paris (to Eric Stamey)

Autographed Book (Summer of Deliverance)

Chris with his Father (Summer of Deliverance promo)

In Baghdad (AP photo)

Author Photo (With the Contras)

Bronwen Dickey

Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon (First Edition)

Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon (Audio Edition)

Bronwen Dickey (author photo)

Bronwen Dickey
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