James Dickey

February 2, 1923 – January 19, 1997


Into The Stone (in Poets of Today VII), 1960Drowning with Others, 1962Helmets, 1964Two Poems of the Air, 1964The Suspect in Poetry, 1964Buckdancer's Choice, 1965A Private Brinkmanship, 1965Spinning the Crystal Ball, 1967Poems 1957-1967, 1967Babel and Byzantium: Poets & Poetry Now, 1968Metaphor as Pure Adventure, 1968The Achievement of James Dickey, 1968Self-Interviews, 1970Deliverance, 1970The Eyebeaters, Blood, Victory, Madness, Buckhead and Mercy, 1970Sorties, 1971Exchanges, 1971Deliverance: A Screenplay, 1972Jericho: The South Beheld, 1974The Zodiac, 1976God's Images, 1977The Owl King, 1977Tucky the Hunter, 1978Veteran Birth, 1978Enemy from Eden, 1978The Strength of Fields, 1979Head-Deep in Strange Sounds, 1979The Water-Bug's Mittens, 1979The Starry Place Between the Antlers, 1981Falling, May Day Sermon, and other Poems, 1981The Early Motion, 1981In Pursuit of the Grey Soul, 1981Puella, 1982Värmland, 1982The Poet Turns on Himself, 1982Four Seasons: False Youth, 1983Night Hurdling, 1983The Central Motion, 1983Intervisions, 1983For a Time and Place, 1983Bronwen, the Traw and the Shape-Shifter, 1986Alnilam, 1987Summons, 1988Wayfarer, 1988The Eagle's Mile, 1990Southern Light, 1991The Whole Motion, 1992To the White Sea, 1993The Selected Poems, 1998The James Dickey Reader, 1999Crux: The Letters of James Dickey, 1999The One Voice of James Dickey: His Letters and Life 1942-1969, 2003The One Voice of James Dickey: His Letters and Life 1970-1997, 2005The Complete Poems of James Dickey, 2013Death, and the Day's Light, 2015